My goal is to support, supplement, and extend classroom teaching.

I work to implement a quality reading program that is research-based and meets the needs of each individual student. 

About the program


What makes the Roaming Reader experience so special?

Participating students will receive a ticket to come aboard the Roaming Reader which is a cozy and comfortable Sprinter van fitted out as a mobile classroom. It is taught by a highly trained teacher who will work with children one-on-one or in small groups. 

The research-based curriculum is multi-sensory, systematic, applied in a game-like format and designed with children in mind.  The Roaming Reader program will take each student on an eye-opening journey into the world of language and reading catered to meet his/her individual needs. Children will leave the program empowered, knowing that they are in control of their reading. They will begin to look at words, language and reading in a new way.  

Instruction may include the RAVE-O Program, a phonological program such as SRA Reading Mastery, Read Naturally, Project Read or Jolly Phonics or handwriting with Handwriting Without Tears.

About Terry..

I am the mother of 2 children, the wife of a veterinarian and the owner of too many pets. I earned my masters in Early Childhood Development with Advanced Provisional Certification K-3 in 1997 at Tufts University after getting a B.A. in Social Psychology there in 1995.

 I was very fortunate to graduate with my master’s degree just in time to be a part of the first year of the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) research grant that Maryanne Wolf and colleagues had begun. I served as a Senior Research Teacher on this project from January 1997- August 2002. 

I was proud and excited to be involved in the design of the RAVE-O curriculum, a theoretically-driven reading intervention program used in this NICHD project. In June of 1998 Katharine Donnelly Adams and I, along with Dr. Maryanne Wolf, developed and implemented an intensive four-week literacy enrichment program for children grades K-2 at risk of reading failure. Due to the success of this program, we implemented a year-long after school program for at-risk readers, grades 1-3. Co-directing the Malden-Tufts Summer Literacy Program and the Malden-Tufts After School Program for Success (MAPS) for 5 years was a true highlight in my career. 

I also enjoyed working on the adaptation of the youth version of RAVE-O to one that was geared for adults suffering from illiteracy in both New Orleans and Philadelphia. I then served as supervisor and teacher trainer for the RAVE-O/RALLY joint Tufts and Harvard intervention program in Phoenix, AZ for 1.5 years.


"Over her two years working with Terry, Arden's whole energy around reading shifted dramatically. She transformed from a child who would avoid having to read, to one who was tucked in cozy chairs, devouring books. She volunteers eagerly to read aloud in class, she thrives on giving presentations and sharing her passions. More even than just a reader, she's become a writer, creative and inquisitive, detailed and descriptive. We are so grateful to Terry and the Roaming Reader for nurturing Arden's confident command of the language and her delight in the joy of reading. "


" Terry at Roaming Reader is Awesome!!!  Our son Luke had the dream of being a reader since preschool.  In 1st grade, he continued to struggled with letters and sounds and became frustrated, it seemed like reading was a very distant goal.  With Terry’s help he became a reader, while having fun!  Luke happily spoke of his sessions with Terry and eagerly completed his homework with confidence and pride.  We can’t say enough about Terry at Roaming Reader!  She has made such an impact on or son and our family.  We look forward to continuing services with her over the next year and she will forever hold a place in our hearts!"

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