Where will it be?


In the Roaming Reader Van which will be parked at your child’s school. I will simply get the student and bring them directly outside the school for a 45 minute session in the Roaming Reader and return him/her back to the classroom. 

Please email me directly to schedule specific times and learn about summer program and/or after school opportunities.

Who can come aboard? This individualized program is geared for struggling readers in grades K, 1, 2 , 3, 4, or 5. Children do not need a formal diagnosis of dyslexia or other reading disabilities to receive help. 

How do I sign up? Send an email to me at terry@roaming-reader.com

Type of improvements noticed after several sessions:



• Better knowledge of sound/symbol relationships 

• Easier time decoding words • Increase in vocabulary knowledge and flexibility


• Improved word identification 

• Gained retrieval skills 

• Improved spelling and handwriting 

• Better use of comprehension strategies 

• Improvements in accuracy and fluency of reading 

• New enthusiasm for reading, writing and vocabulary 

• Boosted self esteem!

*Click here to learn more about the RAVE-O reading curriculum.